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Ceja Vineyards

Dalia Ceja
Dalia Ceja
June 18, 2013 | Dalia Ceja

Happy 100th Birthday To The Godfather of Wine!

Happy Birthday Robert Mondavi!

Today celebrates Robert Mondavi’s 100th Birthday! He was not only the father of America’s wine but he elevated the idea of American wine and food as something to be celebrated, shared and savored.

Our family had a personal relationship with Robert Mondavi when they immigrated from Mexico to Napa in the 1960s and began working in the Oakville Vineyard Management Co. We are following in his traditions in building our own legacy and we thank him for his generosity and leadership. Today we raise our wine glasses to you Robert! Ole!

Dalia Ceja
February 25, 2013 | Dalia Ceja

San Francisco Wine Competition!

We are thrilled to announce that our 2010 Carneros Chardonnay & 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon won GOLD at the San Francisco Wine Competition! 

* * *

Silver Awards:
2009 Carneros Pinot Noir
2009 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
2010 Sonoma Coast Sauvignon Blanc
2008 Late Harvest "Dulce Beso" Dessert Wine

Dalia Ceja
January 24, 2013 | Dalia Ceja

Celebrity Spotting at Ceja Vineyards!

We LOVE our fans!

Blake Beaven, starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners MLB and his family stopped by our tasting room this afternoon! He loved our Cabernet & Sauvignon Blanc. Blake drinks Ceja wine... so should you!

Dalia Ceja
March 6, 2012 | Dalia Ceja


Experience the true California lifestyle!

Two weeks ago my mom and I attended the “Dreamland” movie screening in Sacramento {we attended the world premiere in London last November}. The film features essential elements of California’s lifestyle – cuisine, wine, music, entertainment and film. I’m particularly excited to share this post because my family and I had the unique opportunity to be selected as part of the cast and to represent a wine focused family living in the Napa Valley!

The plot - “DREAMLAND” tells the story of one day in California. Filmed simultaneously from dawn until dusk on November 19, 2010, it follows a remarkable ensemble of Californians who are pushing the bounds of the possible. On this one-day event, a dozen documentary film crews scattered across the Golden State – all working together to tell the story of one day in time by individually capturing unique stories of people and places.

The cast includes entrepreneurs, daredevils, entertainers, scientists, politicians, chefs and technologists who are all in California for the same reason: to make their dreams a reality. Each embodies an adventurous and innovative spirit that symbolizes California.

The film provides detailed snapshots of what makes California so desirable to travelers from around the world – I feel so lucky that I can call this place my home! The film was sponsored by Visit California and will air on PBS this fall and will also be shown on international T.V. channels. Stay tuned for more info! Ole!

Dalia Ceja
February 10, 2012 | Dalia Ceja

Running the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon!

My First Half Marathon!

I’ve definitely taken 2012 by storm and signed up to run my first {ever} half marathon in July! A few weeks ago we formed a Ceja Vineyards running team so there will be six of us running the Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon and I must admit, I’m a bit intimidated. Nervous in fact, but excited to get fit and back on track. Let’s get something straight – I don’t consider myself to be a runner. I played soccer for years during middle school and high school but, come on, 13.1 miles. Ay dios mio! I’m learning that running is more than just a mental or physical endeavor. It’s knowing the right shoes to wear, when and what to eat, how to pace yourself and what music to listen to {among many other things}.

It’s also been helpful and encouraging that I have an enormously supportive group at Synergy {my local gym}. These girls {and guys} are not only motivating, but they are also turning out to be good friends who happen to kick ass! Yesterday’s workout marked day 12 of some intense training and let me tell you, I am SORE. Everywhere. It’s such a good feeling and makes me look forward to seeing where I’ll be in a few months. All I know is that I have to keep telling myself that I can and I will… and dammit, I will!

p.s. Does anyone have any good running advice? Please share, I would love to hear your experiences!

Dalia Ceja
January 24, 2012 | Dalia Ceja

Bocce Ball and Wine Anyone?



We can't wait for Spring!

A few years ago my dad, Pedro Ceja, became infatuated with the game of bocce ball and decided to build not one, but two bocce ball courts at our Ceja Vineyards headquarters in Carneros. It’s a fun and addicting game, especially when you put two highly competitive and energetic teams together. The only major rule {that we really enforce} is that you have to have a glass of {Ceja} wine in your hand when you play. Pretty simple, right?

Check out this video to see my dad explaining the bocce ball court construction process. Ole!


Dalia Ceja
January 3, 2012 | Dalia Ceja

Ceja in Yosemite!

A few weeks ago my mom and I took a quick trip to Yosemite for the Ahwahnee Vintners’ Holiday Tasting. It was quite an honor to be invited back considering that most of these legendary vintners have been coming for the past 20 years {can you blame them?!}. This place is a nature junkie’s heaven, with its vast array of hiking, waterfalls, biking, lakes, wildlife, breathtaking views and insanely gorgeous scenery.

The wine sessions took up the majority of our time {no complaint here!} but we did have a chance to escape into the forest and explore the park by foot. Despite the freezing chilly weather, it was instantly therapeautic, breathing in the clean and pure smells of pine and fresh rain. We were even lucky enough to see a bear in the middle of our trail, but in the midst of yanking out my camera my mom fled the scene in a yelling panic attack, poor thing {insert laughing here}. Love you mom!

P.s. I could go on for hours about this place but I will leave it up to you to see the beauty of Yosemite… Ole!

Dalia Ceja
November 25, 2011 | Dalia Ceja

Give Thanks

Last night’s Thanksgiving feast was decadent and delicious. It was so heartwarming to enjoy the company and conversation of 20 of my closest family members and friends. We did something a bit differently this year and went around our huge “Kings” table and asked everyone to say what they are thankful for. It got me thinking about all the things I’m thankful for in my life {especially today}.

Here’s a random list of little things I’m thankful for today:

My immediate family
Best friends
Best friend’s new baby girl
Adam {my boyfriend}
My Mama Juanita’s Mexican hot chocolate
My abuelitos
Colorful leaves
Feather down comforter
Napa on ice {ice-skating!}
Ugly sweater parties
Dulce {our vineyard cat}
Puss Puss {our cat}
My cruiser bike
Movies {Breaking Dawn!}
Sweater dresses
Mac book pro
Crisp mornings
The color yellow
Tea {Jasmine + Earl Grey}
Supportive, motivating & inspiring people
Being able to travel the world
Living my passions

Image via

What random little things are you thankful for?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I can’t wait to have some leftover stuffing and pumpkin pie for breakfast. 

Time Posted: Nov 25, 2011 at 11:27 AM
Ariel Ceja
September 23, 2011 | Ariel Ceja

Napa Valley Harvest Update - White Wines (Repost from

Update on the 2011 Harvest from the Napa Valley Vintners, featuring our very own Armando Ceja! Very informative and beautiful video. Enjoy!

The Napa Valley Vintners is the non-profit trade association responsible for promoting and protecting the Napa Valley appellation as the premier winegrowing region.